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1. I thought Actify Solutions worked with my creditors to settle & pay off my alleged debts.
Actify Solutions does not settle, negotiate, or pay your debts. The funds you pay do not go to pay off any debts you may owe. Rather the funds you pay are paid to Actify Solutions in exchange for the products and services provided to you by Actify Solutions. One of our Client Services representatives will be happy to clarify any details of our program!

2. I haven’t received a collection letter for one of my enrolled accounts. What should I do?
Have you moved? If you are no longer at the address that the collection agency has on file, you won’t receive their letter. Make sure you contact your local post office to set up mail forwarding so you can be sure you receive you’re your important documentation. If you haven’t moved, please call Actify Client Services, there may be other ways to see if your account has been sold to a collection agency besides receiving a collection letter!

3. I can’t afford my monthly payment this month. Is there someone I can call?
Actify Solutions is here to help, not cause you any additional financial hardship. Please call into Client Services so that one of our representatives can assist you.

4. What is a violation of my consumer rights? What should I do if I think my consumer rights have been violated?
There are many different ways a creditor or collection agency might violate your consumer rights. There is also a “Violations Cheat Sheet” in your Welcome Package. If you have any additional questions about violations of your consumer rights or if you think your rights have been violated, please call Client Services so that one of our representatives can refer you to a law firm that may be able to help!

5. I changed my phone number; how do I update my information with Actify Solutions?
You can send us an email at or call in Client Services!

6. I received a document in the mail, I’m not sure if I should send it to Actify Solutions or not. How do I handle this?
Please send any document in to us that you think might be related to your Actify Solutions file. If it’s not a document that we need, we will securely dispose of the document.

7. I need to change the date of my Actify Solutions monthly payment. How can I do this?
Please call Client Services at least 5 days prior to your payment date. One of our representatives will be happy to assist you!

8. What hours is Actify Solutions open?
Actify Solutions is open Monday thru Friday, 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Eastern time.

9. I work during the day and cannot call Actify Solutions. Can I email my questions to Actify Solutions?
Absolutely! You can send us an email at!