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Buy / Sell Agreement

A buy/sell agreement details the price and terms of a sale of a business or real property.

A buy/sell agreement for a business included provisions outlining the terms of the sale, information about the business, assets and obligations being transferred, and a non-competition agreement.

A buy/sale agreement for real property includes provisions outlining the terms of the sale, disclosures, and the obligations and fixtures being transferred.

Fictitious Name Or DBA

A fictitious name, often referred to as a “Doing Business As” designation or DBA, is a trade name used by companies in the marketplace or legal arena. A company that is doing business as a particular entity with a name other than their original, corporate name is operating under a fictitious name.


Incorporation means creating a new corporation. A corporation is an organization that is approved by your state to conduct business. It is a legal entity separate and distinct from its owners; a separate person in the eyes of the law.

Limited Liability Company – LLC

An LLC is a type of business entity that combines several characteristics of a corporation and a partnership. As the name suggests, an LLC offers personal liability protection to its owners for company debts and liabilities. This liability protection is similar to the liability protection offered to shareholders of a corporation.

Non-Profit Corporation

A nonprofit corporation is a legal entity that is formed for specific purposes. Nonprofits may be involved in a wide range of areas relating to the arts, charities, early childhood education, healthcare, politics, religion, research, sports or some other endeavour.

Partnership Agreement

Any two individuals or businesses can enter into a partnership. Although a partnership does not offer the liability protection to the partners that a corporation can offer to its shareholders, partnerships tend to be less cumbersome, easier to manage from an administrative standpoint and require few, if any, document filings with governmental agencies.